Medical University of South Carolina Smart Square Login

An MUSC Smart Square login is required to access the Medical University of South Carolina’s work schedules. You can also access the Healthcare Scheduling software created by Avantas with the Login.

The official smart square MUSC login page is musc.Smart-Square.Com. You can enter your registration information and regularly schedule your shifts on the page.

MUSC Health Smart Square

medical university of south carolina smart square login

The Medical University of South Carolina staff can access by clicking the following link.

Benefits of Login

Music Smart Square is a web-based scheduling tool, as you may already know. 

Smart-Square.Com provides

  1. Employees can arrange their shifts 
  2. managers can assign and manage job shifts
  3. Performance can be improved through leaderboard statistics.

Ways to Login

There are two ways to log in when you go to You need to visit the Smart Square Musc login page.

As you can see, there are options to “Continue to Smart Square,” and “Alternate login” to access the MUSC smart square scheduling program.

musc login page

Let’s go over each technique in more depth.

Continue to KU Smart Square Login MUSC

Click on the button using the link if you decide to “Continue To Smart Square.”

You’ll be redirected to by clicking the link.

Next, log in to using your Medical University of South Carolina NetID.

Call +1-843-792-9700 if you need help logging in.

Alternate Login Option for Login 

  • If you select “Musc Alternate Login,” click the same.
  • Alternate Login at is the URL for this Login.
  • Type in the registered username and password for To book or manage shifts at Medical University of South Carolina Healthcare, click Log in next.
  • Recover or Change the Password of
  • Visit to alter or reset your Smart-Square.Com MUSC lost password.
  • Type in your organization’s registered email address and MUSC Login ID. Next, select “Send Email.”
  • You will get the following message: Please check your email inbox for instructions from on changing or recovering your password. 

About MUSC Healthcare Organization 


Headquarters: 171 Ashley Avenue, Charleston, SC 29425


MUSC Schedule: +1-843-792-1414

Employee: 25000

Phone Number: +1-843-792-2991

A public medical school & academic medical center is the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

It can be found in Charleston, South Carolina, in the US. The university’s unique objective is to help the state by being dedicated to patient care, research, and education.

The earliest medical school in the southern United States was established in 1824.

South Carolina’s leading medical facility is MUSC Health-University Medical Center. Several of the state’s top children’s hospitals are at MUSC Health.

The university also offers training for medical specialists. The MUSC University also provides a variety of degree programs. Doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees are among them.


You can view your Medical University of South Carolina medical records using my chart music health. Additionally, it provides this service gratis.

Features Consist of:

  • Make appointments at MUSC Healthcare 
  • Access medical records, including those for prescription drugs, test results, and more.
  • For refillable MUSC prescriptions, send a request.
  • Contact your physician to obtain assistance with any medical inquiries.