Mercy Smart Square Login Guide

Are you not able to complete your Mercy Smart Square Login? Don’t worry, guys! You can now log into the portal without wasting a lot of time. All your queries will be resolved, so you need to read the guide properly.  So, let’s start!

What is Smart Square Mercy?

The Mercy Hospital system created the Smart Square Mercy Login software to control employee scheduling. Any device with a good internet connection can access this web-based platform. Healthcare professionals may view their calendars, request time off, exchange shifts with coworkers, and manage their time off requests with the help of the Smart Square Mercy Login.

about smart square mercy

Mercy has created the Smart Square Mercy interface to offer the best services to hospital staff members. The Smart Square Mercy portal is user-friendly, straightforward, and easy to grasp.

With the help of our Smart Square Mercy portal, candidates can apply for jobs more easily. They can easily apply online using their credentials. The Smart Square Mercy portal can only be accessed by users permitted by the system.

Managing their work becomes more enjoyable for all of the staff. They have no trouble keeping track of their schedules, bookkeeping, work assignments, and other essential tasks. The staff can use any appropriate web browser and a device connected to the internet to access this online system.

About Mercy Healthcare Organization

The Mercy healthcare system was established in 1986 by The Sisters of Mercy and is a healthcare organization with its corporate headquarters in Chesterfield, United States.

about mercy healthcare organization

Over three million individuals are annually served by the Mercy Healthcare Organization. The fifth Catholic health organization is now located in the United States.

The organization serves four states. More than 2,100 Mercy specialists, general practitioners, 600 advanced practitioners, and other staff members are employed by the organization to deliver healthcare services across more than 300 locations.

Mercy offers services to people with special needs, particularly low-income in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Understanding offers fundamental health care services, including a shelter for domestic violence, an information center, and essential counseling and medical care for children abused from birth to 18 years old.

They focus on the underprivileged and those in need as they fight to improve health policies, procedures, and funding. They also offer a behavioral health clinic for teenagers and their parents.

Mercy provides various healthcare services, such as ear, nose, and throat care, orthopedic services, delivery services, maternal-fetal medicine, urology, general healthcare, and more. These services include the treatment of cancer and heart and vascular health.

Merch Smart Square Benefits

Here’s the list of Smart Square Mercy Benefits:

  • Make your payslips and research the payment details
  • Control your attendance and status effectively.
  • All of your documents are available to you.
  • Easily control your work schedules
  • preparing to take time off and travel.
  • Having all your information in one place is safer than having many records maintained at various medical facilities.
  • It enables users to discuss issues, share ideas, and assist coworkers or colleagues inside the same organization.

Features of Mercy Smart Square Portal

Mercy Smart Square offers features like real-time schedule viewing, time off requests, coworker shift swapping, and time off request management. Additionally, it makes it simple for employees to communicate with supervisors, eliminating the need for phone calls and emails. Mercy Smart Square also helps managers make wise scheduling decisions by offering insightful information regarding personnel needs.

How to Register Smart Square Mercy Account

If you work for Mercy and don’t already have a Smart Square Mercy Login account, you can create one by doing the following:

  • Please visit
  • Select “Register” from the menu.
  • To enter your contact and personal information, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You should make a username and password.
  • To finish the registration procedure, click “Submit.”

Purpose of the Smart Square Mercy Login

This is the webpage for Mercy’s medical center, which is devoted to medical professionals. This website is an effective tool for scheduling that provides Mercy’s staff with top-notch support.

Employees can use Mercy’s online services to check their pay stubs and access crucial job-related information, such as work schedules, leaves and vacations, payment history, and many other things.

The website provides a login and password so Mercy staff can view the data if you’re an employee of the Mercy Company and would like to understand how to access your Smart Square account.

Let’s talk about how to sign in to the Smart Square Mercy Portal at once Smart Square Mercy has cleared you.

The Smart Square Mercy Login process will now begin. Let me give you some information on the login credentials required for Smart Square Mercy.

Mercy Smart Square Login Requirements

  • The web address for Smart Square Mercy’s login.
  • You must have a working Network ID and Password for Smart Square Mercy.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • You also need a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet with dependable internet access.

Merch Smart Square Login Steps

To access your Smart Square Mercy account successfully, kindly follow the instructions listed below:

merch smart square login page
  • Kindly click the Continue to SmartSquare button, as displayed in the screenshot above.
smart square mercy login
  • In the blank spaces provided, kindly input your Network ID and password.
  • Please click on the Sign in button if you want to access your account.

Customer Support

The Smart Square Mercy contact information is provided below, and using this data may enable you to find easy and fast solutions to all of your issues. Let’s go without hesitation and choose the method of contact.

Any Smart Square issues should be reported to the LSA&G Team using the online ‘Request Help’ feature on Baggot Street. Go to Baggot Street -> Hubs -> My WorkLife-Smart Square Support -> to find it. Ask For Help!

Please consult the Self-Scheduling New Ui Tip Sheet document in the document folder for assistance with Self-Scheduling within the New UI of Smart Square. After logging in, the document folder may be found. Please click on the following after logging in: Traditional Smart Square or the “Home” button > “Documents” button.

  • Mercy SmartSquare: 
  • Mercy Service Center: +1-866-440-3399 
  • MyMercy / Non-Medical: +1-888-986-3729


Who can log in to Smart Square Mercy?

Square Smart Mercy Healthcare employees can use Mercy Login.

Can I use my phone or tablet to log into Smart Square Mercy?

Yes, you can use any device with an internet connection to access Smart Square Mercy Login.

How can a coworker and I switch shifts?

Log into your Smart Square Mercy account and select “Shift Swap” to trade shifts with a coworker. To choose a different shift and find a colleague to exchange with, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

What is the Smart Square Mercy login process? serves as Smart Square Mercy’s official login page.

Final Words

Mercy Smart Square Login is an effective and user-friendly software for scheduling healthcare workers. However, if you still face any problems, you can get help from Smart Square Mercy’s customer service, who will help you with any portal-related issue.

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