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The Mercy Smart Square is where healthcare centers scheduling and data analytics come together. Smart Square helps healthcare enterprises save time & reduce staff. If you’re a Mercy community member and want to know more about the Smart Square platform, you’re at the right place. Smart Square Mercy is a pretty intuitive portal, but this post should help you get the hang of it if you have trouble getting started. 

Smart Square Mercy allows you to schedule tasks online and incorporates predictive analytics. Using the technology, healthcare staff can automate their calendars. By utilizing such software, employees and medical professionals do not have to negotiate shift coverage. 

Smart Square Mercy

The web-based portal Smart Square Mercy was explicitly customized for Mercy healthcare employees to serve their needs in the healthcare sector.

In addition, it manages its employees’ access requests and employment applications.

It is used to manage the applications for candidates being interviewed or tested and the registration of employees.

Its easy-to-use interface streamlines the information flow between employers and candidates. Users can apply easily and comfortably with its online application system.

About Mercy Healthcare Organization

Mercy Healthcare Organization is a nonprofit with a faith-based mission to provide high-quality healthcare to others. Additionally, they’re committed to treating patients with dignity and respect.

about mercy healthcare organization

The Mercy Healthcare Organization wants to be Michigan’s premier healthcare provider by 2020.

With its headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri, just west of St. Louis County, Missouri, Mercy Healthcare Organization is in the Midwestern United States. Mercy Sisters founded the organization in 1871.

Smart Square Mercy Portal

Designed with the latest features, Mercy Smart Square is an easy-to-use, convenient web portal for hospital staff. Your credentials can be used to apply online for jobs. This system is accessible only to authorized users.

Employees can keep track of their schedules, responsibilities, attendance, addresses, and more. Access to the system can be made from any device connected to the Internet through a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

Employees can communicate effectively with their co-workers, managers, and patients using Mercy’s E-mail accounts. As a result, it allows them to discuss issues and exchange ideas.

Features of the Mercy Smart Square

Mercy Smart Square Portal has the following main characteristics: 

Using analytical predictions to reduce risk

Smart Square includes the Avantas Predictive Model, a powerful tool for predictive scheduling. This tool can predict healthcare staffing requirements up to 120 days in advance, improving scheduling accuracy and preparing for unforeseen circumstances. 

Scheduling resources for healthcare

Health systems have varying scheduling policies when scheduling shifts, which you may already know if you have medical experience. Mercy Smart Square can solve this problem. It offers a variety of timetables and approaches, so you never have to worry about it.

Benefits of Smart Square Mercy Portal

Membership in Mercy Hospital Smart Square Login offers many benefits. Below is a list of a few of them:

  • A well-organized work schedule, holidays, and time off benefit your productivity.
  • Create payslips and control attendance status.
  • All records are accessible to the public.
  • To ensure the security of all critical details, keeping them in one easy-to-access file rather than separately in separate medical facilities is safer.
  • Employees can also share and discuss ideas as part of the Mercy Login Portal.

Smart Square Mercy Portal Login Requirements

You must fulfill the requirements for logging into your Smart Square Mercy account before attempting to log in. You will need the following items to access your Smart Square Mercy account:

  • Electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets
  • Login credentials for all processes
  • Connectivity to the Internet

Once you have received all the necessary information, you can log into your Smart Square Mercy portal account.

Smart Square Mercy Login Steps

The following steps are required to log into the Smart-Square Mercy Login Portal:

smart square mercy login
  • To access Smart Square Mercy Login page go to
  • Now, click on continue to SmartSquare If you have your Network Account ID and Password.
  • After clicking on button enter your Network Account ID and Password and click on “Sign In” button.
  • Following this, you will be directed to the Mercy Smart Square Login Portal home page.
  • The new Smart Square UI allows you to access all your documents, schedule yourself, and much more.
  • And you don’t have your Network ID and Password you can click on Alternate Login button and follow on-screen instructions to access your SmartSquare account.

How to Reset Mercy Smart Square Login Password

Do you have a forgotten Mercy Hospital Smart Square password? For more information, contact SmartSquare Mercy Customer Service at 1-866-440-399.

Helpdesk Details

You may contact Smart-Square Mercy customer service if you’re experiencing trouble connecting to your Mercy Smart Square Login account:

  • Mercy Service Center Phone Number: +1-866-440-3399
  • MyMercy Number for Non-Medical Issues: +1-888-986-3729
  • Mercy Healthcare Organization Official Website:
  • Smart Square Mercy Login Official Website:


At, there is a Smart Square Mercy Login page. Throughout this article, we’ve covered the advantages of having an account, how to log in, and other details about Mercy Hospital Smart Square.


Is the Smart Square Mercy portal accessible to everyone?

No. All users are not permitted to use Smart Square Mercy. This system is designed to be accessible only to company employees for security purposes. If you try to access the site unauthorized, there could be legal repercussions. 

Can Smart Square Mercy be trusted?

With Avantas’ Smart Square, you can rest assured that it’s safe and secure. Learn more about other customers’ experiences by reading their online testimonials. 

What is the best way to access the Smart Square Mercy portal?

Sign in to Smart Square Mercy at

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