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Technology is rapidly advancing in the healthcare industry every day. With its unique features, the Smart Square Mercy gained great traction in this field. Healthcare organizations can streamline their scheduling and staffing processes with this state-of-the-art platform. In this article, we will cover the history of Smart Square Mercy, its impact on the healthcare industry, and how it has changed the industry.

About Us – Smart Square Mercy

about smart square mercy

Since 2009, Smart Square Mercy has been providing healthcare technology solutions. The platform was developed to become more efficient and effective at managing staffing and scheduling. The company’s mission is to develop innovative solutions to improve the lives of healthcare professionals and make their days more efficient.

Across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, over 1,000 healthcare organizations rely on the Smart Square Mercy platform to manage their healthcare operations. With the help of this platform, these organizations were able to save time and resources while improving the quality of care for their patients.

History of Smart Square Mercy

Matt Grove is a former nurse and healthcare administrator who founded Smart Square Mercy in 2009. Managing staffing and scheduling in healthcare organizations was a challenge Grove recognized. He intended to devise a solution that would streamline the process and improve patient care in the long run.

history of smart square mercy

Founded in 2008, Smart Square Mercy is now owned and operated by API Healthcare, a leading provider of workforce management solutions for the healthcare industry. With this move, the organization expanded its reach and offered more comprehensive solutions to healthcare organizations.

The platform has since evolved and added new features, allowing Smart Square Mercy to remain at the forefront of innovation. The company included advanced reporting and analytics features as part of its latest platform release in 2021. Health organizations can use this data to make better decisions and improve efficiency.

Due to the advancement of Smart Square Mercy, the healthcare industry has transformed in terms of staffing and scheduling. The platform helps healthcare organizations improve patient care while saving time and resources.

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